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Grace Strong, Stewardship and Events Manager, Harvard Library, Harvard University

Dealing with in-kind gifts on a case-by-case basis can be time consuming, inconsistent, confusing, hard to document, and leave you wondering if the effort is worthwhile. By working with the right stakeholders, asking the right questions and understanding the basic needs of your curators and librarians, creating a standardized in-kind gift policy is much simpler than it might seem. This presentation will illustrate the process Harvard Library has undergone to furnish an efficient and comprehensive policy that actually works.

Speaker Bios:

Grace Strong is the Stewardship and Events Manager for Harvard Library. With a background in educational non-profit donor relations and engagement, she is responsible for stewarding library donors through regular communications, annual reporting, and dynamic event experiences. She is also a point of contact for the central university development offices and the library, raising awareness for library initiatives and ensuring compliance with university giving policies and fund management, including creating Harvard Library’s In-Kind Gift Policy.