men•tor noun \ˈmen-tȯr, -tər\ 

a : a trusted counselor or guide 

b : tutor, coach 

The ALADN Mentor Program matches individuals new to library development and/or to ALADN with individuals experienced in library development and who have previously attended an ALADN conference. 

The professional relationship provides the mentee with one-on-one access to an individual who can answer questions, discuss challenges, and introduce the mentee to other colleagues in library development. The ALADN conference committee will assign mentor/mentee pairs based on similar job functions and professional interests. Sign up to participate by clicking the button below and filling out the form by March 20, 2023. 

Consider being a Mentor if you are: 

  • Seasoned in library fundraising and willing to share your experiences with someone new to ALADN or library development 
  • Derive personal satisfaction from sharing your career experience, knowledge, and skills 
  • Want to assist a colleague and help them succeed in their fundraising   

Consider being a Mentee if you are: 

  • New to development or academic library development 
  • New to an institution as a Library Dean/Director 
  • Attending ALADN for the first time 

Benefits to participating as a mentor/mentee: 

  • Contribute to the profession by helping others succeed in fundraising 
  • Receive support and guidance on academic library fundraising 
  • Meet other academic library fundraising professionals 

Expectations for participating as a mentor/mentee: 

  • Commit to meeting once in-person at the ALADN conference and having at least two phone/video conversations. A set of discussion questions and other resources to facilitate your conversations will be sent to registered participants. 
  • Share skills and knowledge from your professional experience 
  • Maintain confidentiality